Mi Plan EOOD

    Mi Plan EOOD has been founded in 2012 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Core business of the company is:

·         Development of investment projects in HVAC and EE (Energy Efficiency) design

·         Supply of equipment for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

·         Installation and implementation of ventilation, air-conditioning and heating systems

·         Coordination and execution of all other building installations

    Our team has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation. Our products have very high quality and competitive prices.

    Leading designer and head manager of the company is dipl. eng. Asen Mishev who has completed projects in Bulgaria, UK and The Netherlands. His experience includes   from initial development of the design up to the technical management of the installation process.

    Our designs (most of them operational already) include a variety of systems and building types: from simple shops and cafes to shopping malls, office buildings and manufacturing plants. Some of the implemented systems are: heat pump installations - water/water and air/water, gas boilers, direct expansion with variable flow rate (VRV/VRF) systems, solid fuel and/or pellet boilers, general ventilation systems, ventilation and air conditioning of clean premises, aspiration and ventilation of professional kitchens, restaurants and night clubs, dust extraction equipment and other HVAC systems.


  Our company strives to meet the requirements of all our customers. There is no easy or difficult assignment for us, just job that needs to be done and if we accept it, which is our guarantee it will be completed. The main range of our activity is:

·         Work in design teams and development of conceptual, technical and work projects for HVAC and EE (energy efficiency) design

·         Design directly for the investor

·         Supply and Installation of HVAC systems directly for the investor

·         Supply and installation as a subcontractor

·         Supply and Manufacture of HVAC equipment and materials

  Our desire is to provide a complete engineering services to our customers. Starting with conceptual design, going through preparation of the installation process, delivery of the necessary materials and equipment, installation, commissioning and finally putting the installation into service.  We think that way a maximum effectiveness can be achieved. That means cheaper, faster, easier and more qualitative accomplishment of the entire investment project which is the desire of every investor.

   Our designs comply with the latest European Standards and requirements for economy, ecology and energy efficiency. We follow the good European practices and use high quality materials matching the latest trends in construction-installation activities. We guarantee the right choice of equipment, which means the smooth and long functioning of the systems in the future.


  Each designer must be familiar with the entire investment process. Modern HVAC systems are eco-friendly and energy efficient. Renewable energy sources (RES) are used preferably and precautions are taken to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings.

    That is why one of the main aims of Mi Plan is to constantly focusing on additional qualification of the personnel and training about the latest HVAC technologies on the market. In this way we want to evolve into a modern company that designs, develops and installs according to the latest world standards in Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Energy Efficiency.
    Our combined experience as designers and installers helps us to offer the best quality for each one of our customers. Our goal is to create cheap but quality installations which are highly efficient, with low operating costs and faultless service. We do not separate our customers to smaller or larger, we have individual approach and try to solve each client's case.
 Micro-climate quality is essential for the health and well-being of man and this is the reason why the right choice of HVAC installation and the use of quality and ecological materials are so important.
    We seek to develop innovative and sustainable solutions, to raise the level of HVAC design and implementation, which take a key part in the entire construction process.