The Centrifugal dust collector, or so-called Cyclone, is part of the dry dust collectors' family. Cyclone is usually a part of a dust removal installations. A system may include one cyclone or a cascade of cyclones, depending on the type of the installation. Other standard parts of a usual dust removal system are the centrifugal fan and the filters. Cyclone in an equipment most commonly used in the manufactures and in number of industries. It's main function is the separation of solid particles with different sizes from an air or gas flow. In the process of dust removal, the particles fall in a tank located bellow the cyclone and can be collected for waste, post-processing or reused if the industrial process allows it. The Cyclone is a special facility and therefore its design and construction are specific and individual for each case. Size of the particles, aimed efficiency, concentration of the solid particles and much more parameters are important for the design.