For a proper and smooth operation of a system the professional installation is crucial. Fast, cheap and quality implementation are mainly important for the investor. They are important to us too. The company has a production facility for ventilation fabricates, high skilled installers with rich experience, close relations with suppliers of HVAC equipment and qualified site managers. All this is important for the cost of the mounting activities and the delivery of the equipment required. We can offer low and competitive prices for installing and delivery of materials and equipment. You can contact us for all kind of questions and requests.

Mi Plan offers you supply and installation of HEATING, VENTILATION AND AIR-CONDITIONING systems for:

  • workshops and production facilities
  • administrative buildings and offices
  • houses, apartments and other residential buildings
  • night clubs, bars and other entertainment premises
  • restaurants and cafes
  • shops and other retail stores (shopping malls, commercial centres and others)
  • storage depots 
  • swimming pools
  • fitness and sports halls
  • professional kitchens and dining rooms
The company also supplies and installs industrial ventilation systems for:
  • welding facilities
  • dust collection systems (cyclones, filters)
  • local exhaust ventilation - extraction hoods for specific industries
We offer delivery and installation of all kinds of Air Conditioning and Heating systems:
  • heat pumps, chillers, air conditioners
  • ventilation - spiral (circular) and rectangular ducts, centrifugal or other fans and more.
  • recuperation units
  • Air Handling Units (AHU)
  • floor heating and cooling
  • 2 & 4 pipe water systems with radiators, fan coils, etc.
  • boilers

In order to complete the process we provide commissioning, adjustment and start-up of the HVAC systems.
For us as a design team and installation company it is important to observe the performance of our installations. We try to offer our customers a closed service in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
We can prepare an offer based on bill of quantities or drawings.
We can guarantee low prices and quality performance.